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"Zocalo" is the Mexican term for a public square or plaza. We expect it to be "the marketplace" for an ideal property search.

The idea of Zocalo was born as a result of frustration and an inspiration. "Frustration", because of having heard and undergone the horrors of a house search (5 times in 3 years to be precise) and still being clueless on the way to go about finding the right accommodation. "Inspiration", as we knew that we could truly add value and cater to this inherent need.

We thought that the best way to address this need was through a mix of technology and offline efforts. On the technology front, we ended up discovering innumerous websites doing the same. However, the key thing we understood was that the internet for them was just another medium to continue their usual business. They just found another channel to communicate false listings, random broker contacts, wrong photos to name a few, and just ended up adding to the miseries of the home seeker as well as the sharer

We then went about seeking advice from internet pioneers who provided us with a lot of good to use jargons related to advertising, channel distribution, search engine optimizations, revenue models, etc. Surprisingly enough, no one talked about the quality of the product ! So came the idea about concentrating on the product that the user really needs. A clean and well-managed marketplace that has access to authentic information and at the same time which is simple to comprehend and transact. We undertake huge efforts in ensuring that the information on the website is authentic and detailed so that you as a user are empowered to make an informed decision with the least amount of fuss and drain on your pocket.

We are a bunch of honest people with a drive and would like similar minded people to participate in this platform with us. We would love to hear from you and request you to write to us at with any suggestions that you might have.