Knock knock, who’s there? Its your mom… Oh shit MOM!!!

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34 Responses

  1. Sunil Joshi says:

    Hahaha!!! Handy tips to prepare before parents arrive…

  2. Punya says:

    Hahah. Informative! :P

  3. Shruty Srivastava says:

    hahaha nice :P

  4. ujjwal says:

    Hehe..I am the best ninja in such a case :P

  5. naman kaushik says:

    very useful and informative article :)

  6. Abhijeet Agarwal says:

    the moment you turn hyper active !

  7. Gaurav Katyal says:

    Hahaha…nice one..

  8. rahul sharma says:

    So true.

  9. Shashank Singhal says:

    So true :))

  10. Pragun Kanungo says:

    hhahaha…… No words

  11. Honey Nitharwal says:

    haha.. We all have been there.. and no matter how serious the situation gets, later on we remember the time and laugh with our friends.. :-)

  12. Juby John says:


  13. vibhor says:

    Lol :D

  14. aayush bhardwaj says:

    lol rofl :D

  15. Himanshu Trivedi says:

    haha.. quite similar to destroying evidences after the murder… :p

  16. Sachin Jain says:

    hahahahaha faced similar situation

  17. Mohu Sah says:

    this is exactly what happened in our flat one week back ha ha ! the whole flat needs to be revamped

  18. Swati Singh says:

    Hahaha…. Nic one

  19. Yakshi says:

    So true!!

  20. Akshay Gajghate says:

    well-written :D

  21. Rajat Kapoor says:

    Finally the truth is revealed

  22. Ipsa says:

    so true :D

  23. ritwik says:


  24. Shagun Singh says:

    Hahaha…… nyc…
    Not to forget however hard you try to put a limiter on your roommates mouth… something or the other slips… and your parents give that deadly stare… :P

  25. Saptarshi Sahu says:

    we i haven,t been through such situation yet.. bt these can be usefull. :D

  26. Anish says:

    haha…the day when our parents visits us makes us the most decent person in the whole world..:D

  27. Kalpesh says:

    Indeed highest productivity. Even my parents would be proud if I had to only tell them how much work I had done for them nd not what kind of work…

  28. Nikhil Sonawane says:

    Facing the exact same situation while I am commenting here! Room-mates are busy cleaning the house because parents are coming tommorow!
    amazing blog!

  29. Somasree Choudhury says:

    Haha! Situations like those are the real spices of PG life (Y)

  30. Parin Bhagat says:

    “Haan beta, main kal aa rahi hoon.” Shit! The speed at which we turn into supposedly competent home makers is crazy.

  31. Harsh says:

    In fact this seems to be quite legitimate and true. *ALARM BELLS RINGING* What to do- No time- Lots to sort- Oh shit mann- All is lost! But thats the funny part, right! FUN of Adventure 3:)