Room – Perfect! Roommate – Find me one!

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27 Responses

  1. Kshitij Bhargava says:

    Those stories are real, and to get free of those, go social, go

  2. Kumar Mayank says:

    Very aptly written .. Brought down memories of my engineering days & working life. How it is a different experience with differnt kind of roommates :)

  3. Amit Bhatia says:

    I am a telecomm engineer, used to work (troubleshoot network issues) till 4 a.m., spoiled my roomie’s nights almost everyday…lol !

  4. Shourya Tayal says:

    So True! can be a medicine to all such pains!

  5. Shagun Singh says:

    After a hectic day at college or office….. All you want is to relax and have peace of mind….But this is possible only if you have a good roommate…… you don’t need to be soul mates or best friends but just a bit of compatibility and understanding…
    And to find even that is hell of a task!

  6. Ranjeet Nayak says:

    The articles covers all the phases we all been gone through in search of every roommate and we all must agree that its really hard to find a roommate who fills all the cups. Unless you go through the process of roommate selection which sheldon cooper gone through in

    #Flatmateswithouthassles #Zocaloforyou

  7. Atin says:

    Getting perfect roommate is a state of mind which has not been attained by any mortal so far…:)

  8. Salil says:

    It’s true that it is a very difficult task to find a right roommate unless u know a person before hand or you find roommate via zocalo

  9. Kanchan Kumar says:

    Search of a proper roommate can be as much of a nuisance as finding a proper accommodation.

  10. Dhruv Satija says:

    Some compromises have to be made. No one is perfect
    I’am not and neither is my roommate

  11. Somasree Choudhury says:

    Yeah..most of us will be able to relate to the problems we face when we need to share rooms. So why not take time choose wisely? It’s our comfort level after all

  12. karthik says:

    It shows three different roommates obviously different in nature argues for everything so find a flat and share it with a person who suits you with the help of zocalo

  13. Ashish Sharma says:

    This blog is very interesting and i have a few suggestions to make:-
    }- First of all its very essential to know what is the background of our future roommate. It will assure us that he belongs to a decent family.
    }- Does he/she smokes because it will become very difficult fr a non smoker to live in the same room in which his roommate is smoking.
    }- Is he/she willing to cooperate in difficult times.
    }- Is he/she gets frequently aggressive on pointless topics.
    }- Is it fine by him to bring his girlfriend or friends at our place whenever he wants without asking me.

  14. Ramya Sahiti says:

    The blog talks about the daily problems faced by people living in hostels and PGs. The same happened to me when I had to share my flat with a senior. She was very bossy and always advised me on things I didn’t want advice for. She never stopped talking and didnt give me any room for my thoughts.

  15. Dharmesh Kumar says:

    Hehe…my roommate wakes up as early as 6, I wish i could change his habit..Let Me Sleep!!

  16. Susmita Deept says:

    Finding a perfect roommate is the biggest challenge in a new city. Zocalo is the best!!

  17. Shweta Sharma says:

    I was referred to as “Monica” of the sitcom Friends on multiple occasions for being a cleanliness freak! And yet, they couldn’t do without the Monica advice! Think we’re even! :P

  18. debashree chakraborty says:

    we should think about all the points given here before selecting the roomiee because rommates are the most important part of one’s daily life.

  19. Mohd Zeeshan says:

    Very true especially the one relating to sharing stuff and hygiene issues.

  20. Vijay Gupta says:

    Cleanliness and “over-sharing” are the 2 major issues even I have faced. It’s hard to explain to a friend the problem you might have with him sharing every damn thing of yours. Plus explaining basic hygiene to a guy is like banging your head against the wall !!

  21. Sahith Gummadi says:

    It proves.. right people for right accommodation :)

  22. Dhiraj Kumar Nayak says:

    Keep it down !
    This has haunted me many a times – be it my grad coll roomie, my roomie in a pg of Hyderabad and another flat-mate in Bangalore. I almost know all about the habits of their girl-friends :P

  23. Srijaa Datta says:

    That’s very common! But I am blessed to have an amazing roommate. Not only she’s caring but also very fun person :)

  24. Devesh Agarwal says:

    Can very much relate to this..since I have been on the receiving end…endless tales when my roomie used to give hard time by keeping personal hygiene to an all time low and I had to cope up with all those stuff..

  25. Deepak says:

    Encompasses all the idiosyncrasies of hostel life.
    Great read!

  26. Pratikash says:

    Very apt ..It is indeed a Herculean task to find the perfect roommate !!

  27. Nishant Pandita says:

    Such a true thing….Roomates –these people make ur life all that more interesting when u are away from home. Be it their tantrums for food or their excessive usage of wifi …they make ur life miserably Cool..