And the award for the best ‘Jugaad’ goes to…

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27 Responses

  1. Ranjeet Nayak says:

    Haha.. the whole articles was satirical yet informative, we cant deny the proverb ” necessity is the mother of all inventions” fits perfectly here.
    Being in a hostel we all have came across with such cost effective and time effective solutions.

  2. Arjun Haripal says:

    I have been through this and and I have used some techniques by myself, i use my hot air blower as hair dryer.

  3. Kanchan Kumar says:

    Funny !!! Really in need of such jugaad while staying away from home.

  4. Dhruv Satija says:

    Extremely helpful.
    I have been the engineer. Will try the others soon.

  5. Somasree Choudhury says:

    Engineers and jugaad..synonymous they are! Great ideas (Y)

  6. karthik says:

    All the ideas are innovative and there is a bit of fun in it so find your flat with these kind of roommate using zocalo

  7. Ashish Sharma says:

    All the ideas were so innovative and worth reading.So the message is clear that you should be prepared to get in with one of such kind of roommate using Zocalo ;)

  8. Harmeet Bhatia says:

    Haha.. nice!! thanks for introducing us to such innovative and funny Jugaads. :D

  9. Siddharth Dhamija says:

    Very nicely written. It was very innovative as well as funny to see such jugaads.

  10. Dharmesh Kumar says:

    haha….awesome life hacks, and i really liked the passport photo jugaad! (y)

  11. Susmita Deept says:

    hahaha.. Have dried my hair in the hot air blower.. Also cooked maggi with an iron.. :D
    Reminded me of all those crazy days..

  12. Ankit says:

    “Jugad” is what we all do when ever we are in trouble. The Indian way of saving one’s A**

  13. Arinjoy Ghosh says:

    Our most amazing jugaad was when we converted a 3-pin adapter to a 7-pin adapter. I don’t even remember how. But yes, it did prove a lot of help because we could actually run 7 appliances from one plug point.

  14. debashree chakraborty says:

    nice thought…. the thought are jst like out of the box… the things which we think is useless becomes a path for our problem… really appreciated…

  15. Aviral Verma says:

    Drench your curtains with water(if you have one :P)…Acts like a cooler in the scorching heat of Delhi

  16. Mohd Zeeshan says:

    Very innovative and out of the box methods…Will surely try the Maggi one!!

  17. Adrija says:

    During Summers, we used to pour water all over the room’s walls to make it cooler :P

  18. Vijay Gupta says:

    Wow ! Some of those ideas truly were out of the box. The “jugaad” to get around hostel wifi restrictions is popular in every college.

  19. Sahith Gummadi says:

    I like the Innovative engineer award.. Its cool :P i hope i don’t face issues like these :D

  20. Dhiraj Kumar Nayak says:

    Lying straight on the bed and clicking for a passport photo … Learnt it from a senior of mine as we shared rooms ;)

  21. Srijaa Datta says:

    Woww!! this is really an awesome post. :) Helped me a lot :D

  22. chappa kishore says:

    There is no limitation of creativity. new Ideas comes whenever we face the problem.Necessity is mother of invention

  23. Sonam Sodhi says:

    All the ideas are informative,innovative cost saving ideas.very well writern jugaads.surely would like to try some of these..:P

  24. Devesh Agarwal says:

    Extremely helpful insights..will always remember…good tips to survive in hostels/PG

  25. Deepak says:

    Jugaad to live and let live..:P

  26. Apalak Kashyap says:

    Cover the tube light with newspaper transform it into a dim light!! Jugaad!!

  27. Pratikash says:

    “Jugaad” ,the best gift from India to the world…Truly needed in the present times !!