Don’t really understand why my roommates call me slow…

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29 Responses

  1. Bishwajeet Bose says:

    A lazy person always finds an easier way of doing a certain task.

  2. Riddhi says:

    Lazy is better:P

  3. pari says:

    Good one !

  4. Sunil Joshi says:

    A lazy person will go to any extent to justify himself/herself……

  5. Shivika says:

    Such a perfect description! People should understand our point too! :P
    #one_of_the_above_”slow”_person :P

  6. naman kaushik says:

    laziness is godliness!! :):P

  7. Abhijeet Agarwal says:

    Familiar Story !

  8. Aadhar says:

    I have a lazy rommie :P

  9. Gaurav Katyal says:


  10. rahul sharma says:

    Lazy is fun

  11. Vivek says:

    Laziness at its best :)

  12. Shashank Singhal says:

    haha..gud one

  13. Pragun Kanungo says:

    being lazy is an art :P

  14. Honey Nitharwal says:

    Haha.. I def agree with the writer.. Hostel life is no fun if its not that case.. :-P

  15. Juby John says:

    laziness is fun

  16. Sachin Jain says:

    laziness at its best. :p

  17. aayush bhardwaj says:

    actually i was thinking about same thing few days back

  18. Himanshu Trivedi says:

    @john so true, Specially when your roommates is one of the “bolu types”.. :P

  19. Vibhor says:

    laziness is an art :P Its fun :D

  20. Mohu Sah says:

    come on laziness is totally in ;)

  21. Swati Singh says:

    Its cool to b lazy :P

  22. Yakshi says:

    HAHA :)

  23. Rajat Kapoor says:

    Lazy the latest trend

  24. Shagun Singh says:

    Now this is a nightmare….
    I hope i never find a roommate like this! :D

  25. chappa kishore says:

    If room mates criticizes we should Take it in positive way.Their criticism helps us to be more intellectual, behavioral in the society.

  26. Saptarshi Sahu says:

    my roommate is too lazy to open the door whn m standing outside. :P

  27. Surabhi says:

    So true..My roommate asks me to hand her stuff when she is sitting and i am around

  28. Rohit Haval says:

    Very funny blog. Reasons given by lazy people are very funny.