Home sweet home!

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30 Responses

  1. Karuna Pant says:

    well written

  2. Sunil Joshi says:

    Exactly the happenings when you spend time with family….

  3. Kanika says:

    So true! Returning back home after a long time, it makes me feel so special and totally the centre of attraction for all :D

  4. kanika says:

    So very true! Same happens with me when I return home after a long time! I feel so special and am the centre of attraction.

  5. naman kaushik says:

    Zocalo makes it convenient to find a home away from home.

  6. ujjwal says:

    So true! Returning back home after a long time, it makes me feel so special and totally the centre of attraction for all :D

  7. Abhijeet Agarwal says:

    Nothing better than a place which makes you feel Home away from Home..

  8. Aadhar says:


  9. Gaurav Katyal says:

    It was hard to find such a place earlier where we feel like home…but now thanks to zoclao those days are gone..

  10. rahul sharma says:

    I completely understand been living away from home from past 7 years.

  11. Shashank Singhal says:

    Finding new roommates was never so easy….Thank you Zocalo

  12. Juby John says:

    very true

  13. Pragun Kanungo says:

    thanks to zocalo it’s easy to find a home away from home

  14. Honey Nitharwal says:

    Just after holidays, we can definitely relate to all these things. Such small things makes HOME the best place !!!

  15. Ayushi Choudhary says:

    I have never faced any experience of staying away from home, but yes have seen my friends facing problems related to accommodation facilities. Zocalo provides a good and a reliable medium to look for places especially for girls so that we do not have to run after the broker.

  16. Sachin Jain says:

    thanks to zocalo now it is easy to find pg in your near location.

  17. Vibhor says:

    Exactly..Home sweet home :)

  18. Himanshu Trivedi says:

    For the people who don’t want to miss “Ghar Ka khana” their is another reason visit Zocalo.in.

  19. aayush bhardwaj says:

    home is home.
    and no place can provide the warmth than can be felt at home

  20. Mohu Sah says:

    you realize the true value of home only when you are away from it :(

  21. Swati Singh says:

    Going home frm hstl is a wonderful experience altogether

  22. Yakshi says:

    Zocalo is a wonderful place to find home away from home

  23. Akshay Gajghate says:

    Home is where heart is :)

  24. Rajat Kapoor says:

    Home was sweet. Is sweet and will always be

  25. Shagun Singh says:

    However exciting the new life may be…. I can never have enough of home….. <3 :)

  26. Ramya Sahiti says:

    Home! After staying in a hostel, it is the ultimate vacation spot. Lazing out and spending time with friends, sleeping early and waking up late are the best things.

  27. Ankit says:

    A home like feeling away from home, that what you get when you choose using Zocalo

  28. Sahith Gummadi says:

    Yeaa.. exactly.. home i miss but friends too :D

  29. Ashutosh Patnaik says:

    For me HOME is where your loved ones are. They may be your friends, your family, your pet or even your neighborhood aunty who took care of you when your mom had some important work. Thanks 2 Zocalo you can find your “HOME” online without running in the hot sun, which is a blessing in disguise in Delhi.

  30. Nishant Pandita says:

    I still remember sitting for the last Exam of the semester and trying to complete it as early as possible so that i could reach the railway Staton as early as possible… Even knowing that the train will leave at its scheduled time just that feeling of going home is amazing…and every time due to this eagerness we tend to forget or misplace some things which generally used to be our mobile charger….