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Rooms on rent in Delhi

Awesome things you should do this Diwali!

I’m sure the festival of lights fascinates every Indian to a great extent. When it comes to Diwali, the most common thing a youngster in our gen next world would think about doing, is...

Rooms on rent in Gurgaon

Happy Dussehra!

Every year in India, Hindus observe a ten day ceremony of fast, rituals and celebrations, known as Navaratri, to honor the victory of Lord Rama over the Demon Ravana. Dussehra marks the culmination of...

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5 Must visit bookshops in Delhi

All of us that love to read find solace in a good bookstore. Leaving aside the big commercialized bookstores, here are a few that have still retained their charms and originality. 1. People Tree...