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From/To From/To Rate (without any labor)
East Delhi Gurgaon 1999
North Delhi Gurgaon 2099
North-West Delhi Gurgaon 2199
South Delhi Gurgaon 1499
West Delhi Gurgaon 1599
Delhi Delhi 699 up to 5 km
799 for 5 to 10 km
899 for 10 to 15 km
899 +30/km above 15km
East Delhi Noida/ Ghaziabad 1599
North Delhi Noida/ Ghaziabad 1999
North-West Delhi Noida/ Ghaziabad 2399
South Delhi Noida/ Ghaziabad 1699
West Delhi Noida/ Ghaziabad 2099
East Delhi Greater Noida 1999
North Delhi Greater Noida 2399
North-West Delhi Greater Noida 2799
South Delhi Greater Noida 2099
West Delhi Greater Noida 2499
Gurgaon Noida/ Ghaziabad 2199
Gurgaon Greater Noida 2699
Gurgaon Gurgaon 499 (up to 10 kms ), 499 + 20/km above 10 kms

Terms and Conditions

1. We move goods to Noida/Ghaziabad/Greater Noida from Gurgaon/Delhi but we don't move goods from Noida/Ghaziabad/Greater Noida to Gurgaon/Delhi.
2. Each labor charge is Rupees. 300 for distances up to 25km and Rupees. 400 for distance above 25km. Labors will load and unload goods from Ground/1st Floor/2nd Floor/Lift to Ground/1st Floor/2nd Floor/Lift.
3. For heavy goods like 1.5/2 ton AC or 450 litre fridge etc. 3 or more labors will be required. So customer's discretion is required to decide the number of labors to load and unload particular goods.
4. Above 2nd floor, while using stairs for loading and unloading, extra Rupees. 150 will be charged for each extra floor, for each labor up to 4th floor. Beyond 4th floor, to shift goods using stairs, customers will have to make their own arrangement or pay some extra amount to labors as decided mutually between customers and labors.

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