Aamar C.R. Park

C.R. Park is a dynamic hub of Bengali culture. It gets the name 'Mini Bengal' because of the rich Bengali culture and lifestyle.

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In & Around

Bengali's take their food pretty seriously, street food is abundant with delicacies like Kolkata style kathi rolls, chinese food and fish fry. Pizza square, Probashi and Kolkata biriyani for affordable pocket friendly meals. Annapurna for authentic Bengali sweets and mishti doi.

Meet Alec!

C.R.Park, New Delhi

I'm here at C.R. Park for 27 years now. I work for my own company, PANR International which into staffing solutions. I love travelling and photography.


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  • Alec
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Reviewed 4 years, 2 months, 27 days ago

Ive been living here since the past 27 years, since I was born. If you love fish, this is the place for you. I love the people and the environment. What I don't like is the less number of places to hang out, the good numerous few being Shikaza, Flaming Wok and Annapurna Restaurant. Easy to commute to the Airport and Railway Station, malls, hangout places from the area.