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Paying Guest accommodations are a boon for many students and working professionals. With more more people going after the opportunities that different cities present to them, the importance of a PG is indispensable.

PGs are everywhere and they are as varied as them come. A PG in Delhi is different in say South Ex from one in Dwarka. Even within one neighbourhood, like Kamla Nagar for example, you will find all kinds of PGs with different amenities and price ranges.

For Mumbaikars, an analogous instance rings with saying that a PG in Mumbai is different in Powai from one in Navi Mumbai. Even within one neighbourhood, like Andheri for example, you will find all kinds of PGs with different amenities and price ranges.

Consequently, there are so many PGs spread in every nook and corner of Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Indirapuram and Mumbai that it is physically impossible for a seeker to check them all out. This prevents people from making a wise choice.

Zocalo.in actively works to create an easy platform for you to check out all the PGs in an area, along with the facilities and amenities provided by them. You can compare charges and make the final call with the luxury of having done all of this while sitting at home.

You can also browse as you move courtesy our Android App.

Every neighbourhood and area has been profiled by Zocalo.in for you to make a better judgment of choosing a residence. People who have lived in these PGs and areas at large have reviewed it on our website (we invite you to do the same - http://zocalo.in/neighbourhoodreview) and have created a little something that we like to call The Circle of Trust- which helps fellow citizens to make the right accommodation choices.

We are all about connecting you to the right people and the right accommodation.

If you are a PG owner, feel free to list your property on Zocalo.in. After verification, we shall make it live without any charges.

Bye bye broker troubles.